Ujima Events


bluesSHOUT! is a moment in time, a place, and a community celebrating blues dance, blues music, and blues culture. Blues dance includes historical and contemporary African American vernacular dances done to blues music. This event provides classes, social dancing, and competition opportunities for attendees from all over the country and world. To learn more about what blueSHOUT! is, please visit our website here.


Geeks Will Unite! BluesGeek is a workshop weekend designed to explore blues music, dancing, and the modern culture in a way few have seen before. Our yearly workshop serves as an intensive hands-on weekend with yearly themes designed to explore and push your dancing further.


An event rooted in the celebration of black culture and blues through competition and representation, Throwdown is our premiere, no-holds barred competition weekend.

Git Gud

Our modular workshop and training program, Git Gud provides the expertise and skills necessary to help any person or scene make progress at a variety of blues scene roles (djing, organizing, teaching, personal dance growth, etc.) Interested in hosting one in your town? Contact us