Jukes and Jazz


Generously supported by the Ujima Blues Foundation, this station is a home for various music shows and discussions for both the Blues and Swing communities.

The Jukes and Jazz radio station can be heard live at select times on Live365.com.


Sounding Up is a monthly online broadcast of Jazz and Blues music brought to you by DJs from all over the world. Our goal is to raise money for non-profit and activist groups supporting and uplifting Black communities. 

The DJs themselves will choose the groups being supported each month. At the end of the show, funds will first go towards covering our costs – paying DJs and station fees – and everything else will be split evenly between the groups chosen for that month.

The Shuffle

A once-a-week hour-long radio show that highlights whatever music host Dan Repsch is most interested in at the moment – within the realm of Jazz and Blues. Some weeks you might hear Muddy Waters or Lightnin’ Slim, others it’s Count Basie and Humphrey Lyttleton. You might hear shows that focus on a single artist, a certain rhythm or song structure, or just a playlist the captures a mood. The focus will be on the music, but I’ll also weave in my own commentary, whether that’s historically relevant information or my own strange ideas.

The live show runs free-to-listen every Tuesday from 6-7PM EST.