The Sounds of BluesGeek 2020

We've always looking for new ways to help you get excited and invested in BluesGeek. This year, as we've been interviewing the 2020 staff, we've been asking them all about their favorite blues tunes and/or something they are jamming on they really love right now. The following playlist represents a special look into the music shaping your instructors, DJs, staff, musicians, and more. Not sure who recommended which song? You can check out our interviews on the Ujima YouTube channel to find who and why a particular song resonated or impacted one of our staff. After all the videos have been released, we will update the article and match name/song. Enjoy!
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“YouTube Tagging” Organizer 101

For Organizers
Written by Cortnie Cook Tagging videos on YouTube – Why do we do this?  So that those interested in our community and dance find the most relevant information/videos first and overall make blues more readily searchable. These changes will help your videos be seen more regularly and help your event or community fans find your content quicker. How to do I do this?  Go to your event channel on YouTube (Click on the photo circle to get this page to appear) Click on the YouTube Studio option. Then choose Videos (second tab down from the top) From here click on which ever video you want to begin tagging then scroll to the bottom  - It should look something like this: Enter your tags! Good tags in general: Blues dance, blues,…
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